Personal Retreats

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Personal Retreats

Wild Trails Farm offers guests personal retreats that are tailored to meet their needs and goals to help heal body, mind and soul. We offer a panel of practitioners employing a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including yoga, massage, meditation, psychotherapy, self-care counseling, Reiki, sound healing and interactions with our restorative natural setting.

Please click here to complete our initial personal retreat interest form, and we'll be in touch to begin crafting your personal Vermont retreat experience.

jo bregnard

Jo Bregnard

Self-care mentor & Wild Trails Farm retreats manager

A caregiver touched by breast cancer, Jo is certified in a range of modalities and uses yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, acupressure and aromatherapy to help foster connection to the natural world and bring balance to daily life.

Priscilla Gale

Priscilla Gale

Sound healer

Priscilla uses gongs as well as crystal and Himalayan singing bowls to guide healing sound meditation and private Reiki sessions.

lindsay hargis post

Lindsay Hargis Post

Massage therapist

Lindsay integrates Tibetan and Hawaiian bodywork and breath techniques with personal intention and shamanic touch therapy to heal body, mind and soul.

marianna jacobs

Marianna Jacobs

Transformative energy healer

Marianna intuitively combines the ancient healing practices of the Shamans of Peru with indigenous techniques she learned in Bali and Pranic healing from India, She empowers the release of heavy energies and/or pain, whether emotional, physical or spiritual, and helps integrate and welcome a new lightness of being. 

Cynthia Kelly

Cynthia Kelley

Reiki master & intuitive medium

Cynthia has a B.A. in Psychology and has practiced the healing art of Reiki for more than 20 years. She offers Reiki healings and oracle readings.

ginny kelly

Virginia Kelly


Virginia has been in the field of counseling for 30+ years--she believes discovering our core beliefs can help us thrive. She has experience working with addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and complex trauma, and she is queer and trans-affirming.

lori lisai

Lori Lisai

Alignment coach

Lori will help you level up with Human Design, somatic tools, accountability and inspiration. She can assist you in understanding who you are designed to be energetically.

eliza meeker

Eliza Meeker

Massage therapist & Reiki master

Eliza offers deep tissue massage, helping to increase comfort and range of movement, as well as sound healing with drums and bowls. She has practiced law in Paris, and is currently pursuing a doctorate program in Chinese Energetic Medicine.

aimee parnell

Aimee Parnell

Yoga instructor

Aimee holds a B.A in Psychology and teaches a traditional gentle hatha yoga practice with guided meditation. She has practiced lyengar yoga since 1999 and incorporates mindfulness, breathwork and forest bathing into her sessions.

rich parnell

Rich Parnell

Wildlife conservationist

Rich is available for guided walks and quiet observation focused on mindfulness and situational awareness of our ecosystem.

laura ridgeway

Laura Ridgeway

Sound healer

Laura provides sacred sound sessions to help reset your nervous system and get you in touch with your core essence. She'll guide you to your intention using a ceremonial process, then assist with energy movement via crystal bowls, drums, rattles , voice and tuning forks. 

Jim Veltrop

Jim Veltrop

Founder of Wild Trails Farm

Jim is available to introduce you to its resources and to guide you through your experience here.

abigail warren

Abigail Warren

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Abigail has been a psychotherapist for more than 20 years, as well as a certified yoga instructor since 2012. She uses a holistic approach in her practice and believes in the mind-body connection as an essential part of effectively managing mood disorders and healing from trauma and addiction.